Sunday, 15 May 2016

DMFX-1-2 (mezzanine board) Schematics and BoM

DMFX-1-2 is a mezzanine board that get plugged into the main board DMFX1-1 by means of two 20-pins SMD connectors on the bottom side of the PCB.
The mezzanine board includes a  LCD-graphic 128x32 pixels display panel (with 
blue background white pixels and white backlight) that is configured from control DSP-2 via an SPI bus.
It also includes a button navigator with five switches (four arrow buttons: Up, down, left, right and center OK button) used to navigate through the LCD menus.

Additionally, there are five 3-mm red LEDs and five 9-mm potentiometers. A 5K potentiometer (VR5) in the middle, controls the distortion octaver level. The other four 50K potentiometers (VR1-4X) are connected to analog SAR ADC inputs (AIN0-3) on DSP-1. Only two of them (VR3-4) are connected to DSP-2 (AIN2-3) since AIN0-1 are connected to tuner and noise suppression circuits respectively.
These may be used as digital potentiometers to configure some effect parameters such as gain, volume, tone, depth, delay, rate... on LCD menu.
DMFX-1-2: Schematics

Schematics and BoM source files

Schematics and layout have been made using CAD Eagle 6.3.0. Source files can be found in the DMFX-1-2 github HW repository including Eagle Schematics source files (.sch), Eagle Board layout files (.brd), Eagle component libraries (.lbr), Schematics in pdf format, and all manufacturing files including gerber files, assembly drawings and pick and place files. An Excel file contains the full BoM including reference designators, manufacturer part number  as well as Digikey part number.

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