Sunday, 15 May 2016

DMFX-1-2 (mezzanine board) PCB layout and assembly

DMFX1-2 is the DMFX-1 system mezzanine board.

DMFX1-2 requires a more standard, less demanding and cheaper PCB technology than DMFX1-is DMFX1-2 consists of 2-layers on FR4 dielectric (100 x 68mm). green soldermask, and white top silkscreen, layer plated copper thickness is 35μm. PCB thickness is 1.55mm. Minimum trace width is 250μm and minimu isolation distance is 250 μm. Minimum finished hole is 350μm.
It uses an Eurocircuits class 3B compared to class 8D for DMFX1-1.

The mezzanine board is plugged into the main board using 2 high density connectors, it houses a 128x32 pixel LCD graphic display blue LED with white LED backlight, a 5-button integrated switch with 4 arrow buttons (left, right, up, down) and a center OK button that allows navigating through menus displayed on LCD, five red LEDs, and 5 potentiometers connected to SAR ADC inputs on control DSP.

Top layer is used for signals and power plane. Bottom layer is used for signals and ground plane
DMFX1-2: Top layer
DMFX1-2: Bottom layer
This is the DMFX1-2 mezzanine board fully assembled:
DMFX1-2 fully assembled

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