Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shin-Ei Fuzz-Wah - Univox/Unicord Super Fuzz - Sound check (4/4)

The reference signal is just a sequence of chords recorded into the computer with the pedal in bypass mode. This is the bypassed clean signal: This is the same sequence of chords with Fuzz at maximum gain, tone cut off and Wah off: It's a rough tone with lots of high harmonics due to the octaver fuzz without tone filtering. Now the chord sequence with Fuzz maximum gain but this time the tone cut filter is on. Wah is off. High harmonics are somewhat reduced while mid tones are reinforced by the tone cut filter. Chord sequence with Fuzz at maximum gain, tone cut is off, Wah is on: This time a guitar riff is used instead of a sequence of chords, Fuzz is set at maximum gain, Wah is of, tone cut filter is set consecutively off and on: Guitar riff with fuzz at maximum gain, Wah is on, tone cut filter is set alternatively on and then off: This is the playlist with all the different sounds used in the sound check for comparison: I thought that the best way to check the sound of the Super Fuzz-Wah pedal was on a real song, so this is the cover of Jesus & Mary Chain's song Just Like Honey, from their album Psychocandy. The Fuzz-Wah pedal was connected as input to the TubeSim amp and Rezzonics 1x12 cabinet speaker:

Source files

If you want to build you own SuperFuzzWah pedal find Eagle 6.3.0 files (Schematics, PCB, gerbers, BoM) on this github repository

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