Sunday, 13 May 2018

NuTube Overdrive - Assembly, Test, source files


This is just an amateur pedal with no intention for profit or to infringe any trademark.
Tube Screamer is a trademark of Hoshino Gakki Co.
Nutube is a trademark of KORG INC.
This pedal is not for sale. If you want to buy a similar pedal I recommend you Ibanez NTS Screamer.


Nude PCB before assembly, components side:

PCB with SMD components assembled:

PCB fully assembled connectors and potentiometers side. Tests without enclosure were quite noisy:

PCB fully assembled connectors and potentiometers side:

PCB fully assembled on SMD components side:

Guitar pedal fully assembled verified and ready for tests:

Source files

Source files for Eagle schematics, BoM and layout as well as FreeCAD 3D files can be found on github:

Sound files

Chords tests:
Solo test:


NuTube Overdrive Test playlist video with Stone Roses solo, bluesy solo and chords:


  1. The article is much informative which i was searching for .Nice intro good explanation thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Rezzonics, congratulations for the job.
    One question, what is the model of the rubber bellow the nutube?
    I read that nutubes are very microphonics and your solution about is not documented in your desing.
    Many thanks for all.
    Best Regards Jorge(Spain).

    1. Hola Jorge,
      It's a recessed bumper Keystone Electronics 720:

  3. Nice post, impressive. It’s quite different from other posts on PCB SMT buffer. Thanks for sharing.